I Fantasm

Black white dots illusion

Black white dots

Do you see black or white dots between the squares.

Eye illusion illusion

Eye illusion

An eye for eye, but can you see the skull ?

Eyelids optical illusion illusion

Eyelids optical illusion

has the woman open or closed eyes.

Hidden faces optical illusion illusion

Hidden faces optical illusion

Can you see the man and woman under the gate.

Crazy line trick illusion

Crazy line trick

Can you tell me if the lines straight or curved.

Elephant leg illusion illusion

Elephant leg illusion

How many legs can you count by the elephant.

Davinci illusion illusion

Davinci illusion

Can you see what davinci is drawing ? Himself or...

Couple or a skull illusion

Couple or a skull

Can you see the love couple who's hiding in the skull.

Old couple illusion illusion

Old couple illusion

At the first sight you van see an old couple, but if you look closer you can see two men who play a song on their guitar. At the background you see a young woman.